Cryptocurrency Fund Administration

Triple Leo Consulting has spent a significant amount of time educating ourselves and developing experience in this space.  We have spoken at length with legal experts, auditors, traders and even a member of the cryptocurrency division at the Secret Service.  We work with a variety of crypto-managers across the spectrum of buy and hold to high frequency trading and US domiciled to Offshore domiciled.  Triple Leo is uniquely positioned to provide full-service Administration, Accounting and Investor Services to these types of funds in this exciting emerging business.  We understand the ever-evolving regulatory and cultural environment altcoin hedge funds operate in and the distinct challenges the industry faces from storage and custody to wide-spread adoption and ransomware.  If the fund is investing in blockchain and token-based companies directly, trading various cryptocurrencies on exchanges, mining the cryptocurrency itself or participating in ICOs, we are experienced and prepared to assist in your growth and strengthen your fund's operational infrastructure in order to make it institutional-ready.  Please contact Triple Leo at 800.985.9021, or fill out this form for more information.